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About our 1st Collection

"Welcome into the garden " is the first handmade limited edition collar collection that celebrates natural beauty.
This collection is dedicated to all the dreamers around the globe, women who love the character and charm of the post-epochs fashion that is rarely seen these days.

Immerse in colors and enjoy the softest Liberty London 100% cotton Tana Lawn touch around your neck! 

Note from Veronica: "For this collection, I wanted a natural, unaltered backdrop. I'm an artist, a white linen dress is my canvas, and the collars are the colorful paints - the subject of interest, exhibiting a plein-air painting. Each artist captures a moment, and this is mine!"



This collection is for dreamers! The ones that don’t just imagine but are bold enough to live their romantic dreams in this fragile reality…

Emerge yourself into a floral world with seasonless colors & mesmerizing prints!


In a world of more and many, I create a one-of-a-kind accessory for just a few of the most romantic souls and those who appreciate the past fashion in its finest details.

These handmade collars are not about what you will be buying next. Instead, they invite you to appreciate what you already have in your wardrobe and subtly elevate it with a refined accessory. Such collar offers a fresh look to your favorite dress, adds a pop of color to a classic white shirt and a lovely statement to a sweater or cardigan. 

“Wearing” a piece of clothing multiple times is a great way to support “slow fashion” movement. I designed the collection with exactly that in mind - the collars are versatile while sustaining a good cause. 

From the very beginning, I focused on the aspects of sustainability and craftsmanship. While I was working to bring this dream of mine to life, I strived to create an accessory with a timeless perspective, rather than something trendy and just for the moment.

Live colorfully ever after...