Bittersweet Collars is a handmade limited-edition collar collection dedicated to all the nostalgic women, who love a unique accessory with a story and meaning. This collection is designed in Pennsylvania, USA, and carefully handcrafted in Romania (my country of origin).
In a world of more and many, I create a one-of-a-kind accessory for just a few of the most romantic souls and those who appreciate the past fashion in its finest details. These collars are not about what you will be buying next. Instead, they invite you to appreciate what you already have in your wardrobe and subtly elevate it with a refined accessory. Such collar offers a fresh look to your favorite dress, adds a pop of color to a classic white shirt and a lovely statement to a sweater or cardigan. 
“Wearing” a piece of clothing multiple times is a great way to support “slow fashion.” I designed the collection with exactly that in mind - the collars are  versatile while sustaining a good cause.
From the very beginning, I focused on the aspects of sustainability and craftsmanship. While I was working to bring this dream of mine to life, I strived to create an accessory with a timeless perspective, rather than something trendy and just for the moment.
Last but not least, I want to bring you one step closer to nature, let you experience the joyful feeling of being surrounded by an abundance of vivid flowers and colors no matter the season.
All the collars are made from the Liberty London fabrics, predominantly from the softest 100% cotton Tana Lawn. I sincerely hope you will enjoy these enchanting tales in colors around your neck for many years to come!




 Small details make many things in life unique and fabulous; these collars are a case in point. From the delightful Liberty London 100% cotton Tana Lawn fabric, vivid colors, intricate prints to the last tiny stitch - every collar is hand-cut and sewed by an skillful tailor. 
The collars feature various elaborate smoking techniques that reshape the fabric and add a three-dimensional feel to it. We used Honeycomb stitch, Pin-tuck pleats, knife pleats and smoked ruffles. Some of these techniques date back to the sixteenth century; nevertheless, they are still highly appreciated by the finest tailors and deliver a true visual delight! 
Each collar is approached with creativity, meticulous attention to detail and exquisite craftsmanship.
 I'm a vintage lover at heart. Vintage finds inspire me in many aspects of my life, and they certainly influenced the designs of my collars! I'm very fond of the Victorian era, Edwardian dresses, regency chemisettes, historical costumes and, in particular, the bodice of the past-times gown. 
Also, my mood board for the first collection includes snippets from the vintage Vogue issues and Sixth Avenue patterns, which keep giving me a lot of inspiration. 
I want to get more personal here and share another inspirational piece that stood out to me in the design process from the very beginning - my wedding dress, a vintage piece (of course) with a large pleated high-neck collar and bow tie. I know for sure that decades later, this beautiful dress will still inspire me and remain a symbol of revival.
I've always been deeply fascinated with all sorts of creative endeavors, the art of handmade and garment design processes. I believe it's my artistic spirit and education in the arts that ignited this passion. 



H O W   T H E   I D E A   W A S   B O R N
Attracted to all the delightful things in fashion since an early age, I started making garments for my dolls (cutting my mom's clothes, which I rather regret now).  Later, I began altering my eldest sister's clothes for myself and pretty much everything else I was buying at that time because nothing was exactly the way I wanted. The same inability to find pieces that I truly want to wear and need in my wardrobe inspired the idea of these collars. 
I was looking for garments and accessories with delicate, feminine and precious details, which I could mix and match with more minimalist modern items. Also, I often find gorgeous dresses by contemporary designers or high street fashion brands that I don't buy or wear as the décolletages are too low-cut. I know it could be just me, but I prefer my garments to be less revealing and more intriguing. Therefor I was searching for an accessory that would complete my look and cover my skin. The collars are my solution!
In the beginning, the idea was to create one or two pieces just for me. But then, I realized I'd be featuring the collar looks on my blog, and I know there are other ladies who share my love for vintage, artistic items, refined details, and one-of-a-kind pieces. So, I said to myself, why not I create a capsule collection. 
And here I am, inviting you to discover a distinctive fashion accessory. Every piece tells a unique story. And I hope you'll enjoy wearing the collars through all seasons and maybe even over a lifetime.  
 Live colorfully ever after...